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How Online Memorials Can Help You to Cope with Loss

Facing the loss of a loved one is a deeply personal journey. As we all cope differently, many are turning to online memorials as a path through their grief in recent years.

Why Choose Online Memorials?

Traditional funeral services can be costly, and the social discomfort around these ceremonies can sometimes lead families to seek alternatives. As a result, online memorials have surged in popularity. These virtual spaces offer a haven for loved ones to gather, share memories, photographs, videos, and "memorial stories" about the departed. By transcending the limitations of physical space and time, online memorials provide everyone with a shared, comforting place to grieve, remember, and celebrate the departed.

Connecting Through Shared Loss

No words can fully ease the pain of loss. However, sharing your story and connecting with others who have experienced similar bereavement can help. Online memorial platforms, like Memorial Stories, provide a crucial service in this respect. They provide a platform where people can come together to pay tribute and remember those who are no longer with us, thereby facilitating a sense of shared emotion and connection.

Navigating Digital Presence After Loss

The digital age has added a layer of complexity to the grieving process. Coming across the social media profiles and other digital assets of the departed can be quite unsettling. Online memorials offer a dignified way to remember these individuals, while also sharing updates and funeral details. To understand more about handling the deceased's online presence, our detailed article, "Digital Will: What Happens to Our Social Media Accounts After We Die?" can be of help.

Creating an Online Memorial

Setting up an online memorial is not only a beautiful tribute to your loved one but also a practical choice. It fosters community grieving and enriches our understanding of the departed. Still, it requires careful thought and consideration. People naturally want to revisit memories, and a well-designed memorial website offers a safe space for users to share their stories, keeping the memories alive.

Celebrate Life with

The goal is to celebrate the life lived and shared. At, we offer a dedicated platform for families and friends to share photos, stories, and videos of the departed. We strive to create a safe, memorable, and comforting place for everyone who has lost a loved one.

Our platform includes an online memorial manager, enabling you to customise your loved one's "memorial story" with cherished photos or videos. We also offer a unique feature—a "QR memorial plaque" that can be scanned at the cemetery, ensuring you carry the memories of your loved one with you always.

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