Selecting the Perfect Photos for a Memorial Story

Selecting the Perfect Photos for a Memorial Story

Overview: Choosing and Arranging Photos in a Memorial Story

Key Insights:

  • Understanding the emotional and storytelling power of photos in a Memorial Story.
  • Guidance on selecting photos that represent different life stages and aspects, ensuring they are clear and impactful.
  • Strategies for sequencing and thematically grouping photos before uploading to create a coherent narrative.
  • Encouragement to approach the task of photo selection and arrangement with care as a tribute to the loved one.

This guide offers valuable advice on how to effectively choose and prepare photos for a Memorial Story, emphasising the importance of thoughtful selection and arrangement to create a moving and cohesive visual tribute to a loved one's life journey.


In a Memorial Story, photos are like windows into the life of the person we're remembering. They bring back memories, tell stories without words, and help us feel close to them again. But when you're adding photos to your Memorial Story, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you can upload up to 50 photos. That's a lot of pictures to show different parts of their life, from childhood to later years, special moments, and everyday smiles. Each photo has to be no bigger than 3MB, which is just the right size for clear, beautiful pictures.

Also, the order you upload your photos in is really important, because you can't change it later. It's like putting together a photo album – once you place the pictures, that's the order they'll stay in. So, think about the story you want to tell with your photos. Maybe you'll start with the earliest memories and move to the most recent, or group them by special events or parts of their life.

Choosing and uploading your photos this way makes your Memorial Story not just a collection of pictures, but a journey through their life that everyone can share and remember.

The Emotional Value of Photos in Memorials

Photos in a Memorial Story do more than just show a face or a moment; they bring an emotional depth that words alone can't reach. Each photo is a window into a memory, a captured second that speaks volumes about the person's life.

When you look at a photo, it's not just the image you see – you feel something. A picture of them laughing brings back the sound of their laughter, a holiday snap takes you back to that day, and a family photo reminds you of the love they had for each other. Photos make the memories vivid and real, helping us remember the good times we shared.

That's why choosing the right photos for a Memorial Story is so important. You want pictures that truly reflect who they were. Think about the photos that show their personality, their passions, and the little moments that made their life special. These are the images that will resonate with everyone who knew them, telling their story not just with images, but with the emotions and memories they bring back.

In a way, these photos are a tribute, a way to keep their spirit alive in our hearts. They remind us of the love, joy, and even the everyday moments we shared. And that's the true power of photos in a Memorial Story.

Selecting Photos That Speak Volumes

Picking the right photos for a Memorial Story is a bit like choosing the best scenes in a movie. You want each picture to tell a part of their story and show the many sides of their life.

Covering the Life Journey

It's great to show photos from different times in their life. Maybe start with a cute baby photo, then one from their school days, a few from adulthood, and so on. This way, you're not just showing what they looked like, but also telling the story of their journey through life. Think about including photos from big events, like graduations or weddings, and simple everyday moments too.

Image Quality and Size

The photos should be clear and high quality, so everyone can see them well. Since each photo has to be less than 3MB, check your pictures before uploading. If they're too big, you can resize them using a photo editing app or software. But be sure they still look clear and sharp after resizing.

Emotional Impact and Memories

Choose photos that make you feel something. Maybe there's one that always makes you smile or another that reminds you of a special day. These photos bring back memories and emotions, making the Memorial Story more personal and touching. It's these pictures that will help everyone remember and feel connected to the person.

Remember, each photo is a piece of the puzzle that was their life. By selecting photos that show different aspects, are of good quality, and have emotional impact, you're creating a beautiful, visual tribute that tells their story in pictures.

Preparing for Upload

Before uploading photos to your Memorial Story, it's like setting the stage for a play. You need to get everything in the right order and theme to tell their story the best way.

Sequencing Your Photos

Think about the order of your photos like a timeline of their life. Start by laying out all the photos you want to use. Then, arrange them in the order you want them to appear. You could go chronologically, starting from when they were young to their later years. Or, you might want to group them around significant events or periods in their life. The key is to plan this sequence before you upload, as you can't change the order later. It's like creating a visual story that unfolds as you go through the photos.

Thematic Considerations

Another cool way to organize your photos is by themes. You might have a set of pictures that show their love for gardening, another bunch that captures their career achievements, and some that focus on family life. Grouping them thematically can give viewers a deeper insight into different parts of their personality and life. Before uploading, sort them into these themes to make sure each aspect of their life is celebrated and remembered.

Preparing your photos this way makes sure that when people look at your Memorial Story, they don't just see random pictures. Instead, they get a thoughtfully arranged journey through the person's life, highlighting the moments and themes that mattered most.


Choosing and uploading photos for a Memorial Story is a task filled with love and respect. It's about more than just sharing pictures; it's about telling the story of a life in a way that's moving and true to who they were.

Well-chosen and thoughtfully sequenced photos can turn a simple memorial into a powerful and cohesive story. They bring us closer to understanding the person, celebrating their journey, and remembering the moments that made their life unique. It's these images, arranged with care and thought, that create a lasting tribute, capturing the essence of their spirit and the impact they had on those around them.

So, as you select and prepare photos for your Memorial Story, take your time. Reflect on each image, what it represents, and where it fits in their story. This is your chance to create something truly special, a visual legacy that honours your loved one and shares their life's journey with others.

Have you ever created a Memorial Story QR Code Memorial Plaque? What was your experience like choosing and arranging photos? Share your stories and tips in the comments. Your insights could be a great help to others working on their own memorials, offering guidance and inspiration in celebrating the lives of their loved ones. Let's support each other in creating beautiful, lasting tributes.

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