Faith Lillian Furniss

4 July 1948 - 28 March 2022

Faith Furniss, born amidst St. Helena's rugged beauty, ventured to England at 16, spurred by the British Nationality Act of 1948. This bold move marked the beginning of a journey marked by resilience and adaptability. In England, Faith held various roles, from hotel maid to shoe packer to chocolatier. Yet, her most cherished role was as a mother and grandmother. Despite her reticent nature, Faith's love for her family shone through in treasured memories of sleepovers, hearty meals, and sweet treats. She spent her later years in High Barnet, quietly tending a community garden. Faith passed away in 2022, leaving a legacy woven with strength, warmth, and enduring love, inspiring all who knew her.

About Faith Lillian Furniss

birthLocation:St Helena

deathLocation:Barnet, London

hometown:Longwood, St Helena

parents:Edna Furniss (nee Crowie) & George Furniss

siblings:Florence, Felicity, France, Fredricka, Ruth, Enid, Malvina, Clarence, Raymond & Trevor


grandChildren:Emma, Peter, Kristian, Adam & Sami

greatGrandChildren:Freya, Ava, Isabella & Isla




favouriteFood:Buttered Bread

Faith Lillian Furniss's Memorial Stories

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