Alfred Ernest Porter

15 July 1913 - 30 December 2014

Born on Mead Road, Little Stanmore, Alf lived a remarkable life that left a lasting impact on his community. As an unsung hero, he dedicated his time, skills, and passion to various organisations and endeavours, shaping the lives of those around him and preserving the rich history of the areas he cherished. Through his work as a devoted historian, a loving family man, and an active community member, Alf's legacy continues to inspire us all. A man of many talents and interests, Alf's contributions spanned from his long career at De Havillands to his unwavering commitment to local clubs and societies. His love for his family and his community was evident in all that he did, and his life serves as a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and compassion. Let us remember and honour Alf, an extraordinary individual who left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who knew him, and whose story will continue to inspire generations to come.

About Alfred Ernest Porter

birthLocation:Edgware, United Kingdom

deathLocation:Edgware, United Kingdom

memorialLocation:St Lawrence Church, Stanmore

parents:Ellen & Walter Porter

siblings:William & Gwendoline


spouse:Jessie Alice Porter

children:Janet & Brian

grandChildren:Colin, Stephen, John, David, Susie


education:Edgware School, London, United Kingdom

occupation:Senior Aeroplane Engineer


hobbies:History, Gymnastics, Photography, Bowling, Travelling

favouriteMusician:Charlie Kunz

favouriteHolidayDestination:Countryside & Lakes

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