Hayley Ann Mutton

15 April 1992 - 11 July 2023

Daughter Partner Friend

About Hayley Ann Mutton



memorialLocation:Malcomb Uphill Whether Spoons, Caerphilly


parents:Natalie & Simon Mutton

siblings:Ryan Mutton


spouse:Bobby Carter

nickname:Haylz / Hay / Little lamp chop to her mother


education:Rudry Primary School > St Martins Comprehensive

occupation:HCA for 8 years then went on to work for the NHS

religion:Agnostic, believes in life after death, ghosts and spirits



hobbies:Riding and tending to her horse Archie


favouriteAnimal:Horses and Dogs

favouriteFlower:Wild Flowers

favouriteFood:Tikka, Chocolate, Bangers&Mash,

favouriteDrink:Cup of tea, vodka & coke, strawberry and lime Kopparberg

favouriteBook:Hayley loved books based on true stories

favouriteSong:4 Non Blonds, Whats up, This is me, Always Remeber Us

favouriteMusician:Piano Man by Billy Joel as it reminded her of her Gramps

favouriteMusicGenre:Hayley loved songs that had meaning to her.

favouriteTypeOfMovieGenre:Footloose, A Star is born, Greatest Showman

favouriteHolidayDestination:Lanzarote or Solva Pembrokeshire


Hayley Ann Mutton's Memorial Stories

Hayley and Mighty Mouse

Hayley was my best friend, we were glued together from the minute we shared our first ride home. I was so shocked to find out that Hayley...

Cerys' Dream

Ahhh... Hayley. The little pocket rocket; small but feisty. I have wonderful memories of Hayls. She was so funny and would often have me...

Loving Words From Hayleys Work Family

Hayley was a Plesure to work with. Always had a smile on her face. She was kind, caring and sensitive to patients and their reletives. A ...

Rhian's Memories of Hayley

I will always remeber the way Hayley used to say "ok", whenever I'd asked her if she could do something, no matter what it was, she would...

What Hayley Would Say - By Natalie Mutton

Hayley would say, "I have come for a rant", she would be talking so fast it's impossible to get a word in, you can't. Hayley would say,...

From Bobby and the kids

Hayley, Well all I can say is you are and will always be, the love of my life. You were the most kind, selfless and beautiful person an...