Philip Wesley Miller

4 January 1959 - 8 December 2023

What can I say about Philip? What an absolute legend he was! He was a family man through and through, he worked long hours and days to make sure that his family were well looked after and instilled these values to his four children. Philip adored his wife and would do anything to see that she was looked after. He loved to travel with Sharon and visited many exotic places like Cypan, Africa, Russia,Australia, America and often he loved to go to Ibiza and catch up with his Spanish friends. He is an inspiration to many and loved staying in touch with some of his life long friends like Ian and Simon! He was affectionately known as a quiet, gentle giant locally in Widnes where he lived for over 35 years but his heart belonged to Liverpool where his roots were. he often told us stories about his time growing up there with tales of headless chickens and being sent to the local shop to buy woodbines (something you just couldn’t do now). He loved any stories and facts related to world wars 1 and 2 and was a font of knowledge! He used to wow me by answering all of the questions on The Chase with amazing accuracy. If you knew Phil you would know of his sick sense of humour he loved Faulty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Monty Python just to name a few. This sick sense of humour was passed down the generations. You are missed beyond words. We will meet again, until then rest and embrace the family who were waiting to meet you xxxx

About Philip Wesley Miller



memorialLocation:Wavertree Cemetery

hometown:Huyton with Roby

parents:Phyllis & George Miller




children:Wesley, Suzanne, Belinda, Adrian

grandChildren:Holly, Charlotte, Abbey, Merlin, Caitlyn, Daniel

nickname:Big Grandad

bestFriend:He had a lot of friends from around the world

education:Page Moss High School

occupation:Communication Manager /Fraud investigator/Union representative


accomplishments:Travelled around the world




languages:English, French and alittle Spanish


hobbies:Motorbikes and Antiques


favouriteAnimal:Donkeys, loved all animal



favouriteFood:Loved food

favouriteSportsTeams:Everton FC

favouriteAthlete:Johnny Wilkinson

favouriteTVShow:Fireball XL 5 / Anything War related

favouriteBook:Anything by Tom Clancy

favouriteAuthor:Tom Clancy

favouriteSong:Fairytale in New York

favouriteMusician:Jeff Lynne

favouriteMusicGenre:Ecliptic taste

favouriteTypeOfMovieGenre:War films