Norman Molyneux

20 June 1929 - 20 February 2015

Norman Molyneux was a loving and loyal husband to my granny, Audrey Molyneux and I know he wanted to spend as much time together as possible. He was an amazing, caring father to Yvonne Geddes and Dianne Mcgregor. And he was a loving, funny, and comforting grandpa to his four grandchildren, Aimee, Daniel, Lauren and Lewis. Norman cared for his whole family. He loved to spend time with them, at any chance he could get. He loved to go on holidays, both with just himself and Audrey, where they travelled and explored parts of the world. They also then went on many cruises with my other grandparents Sandy and Frances Geddes where they travelled, got drunk on one drink and danced all night. Norman was loved by so many people and when you were with him you couldn’t help but smile. He was quite a shy, quiet man, but when he spoke it was always absolutely hilarious and great timing. He meant the world to his family and his friends and he will never be forgotten.

About Norman Molyneux


deathLocation:His home in Westhill

memorialLocation:Skene New Cemetery, Westhill


siblings:Gladys was his only sister and he had four other brothers,, Douglas, Gordon, Freddy and ?


spouse:Audrey Molyneux

children:Yvonne Geddes and Dianne McGregor

grandChildren:Aimee, Daniel, Lauren and Lewis

nickname:Noddy or Nods

bestFriend:Jack Norrie

education:Went to Hamilton Grammar till secondary and came out of education

occupation:Typewriter/office mechanic

militaryService:Wasn’t able to enlist in the war

accomplishments:Very good golfer and when he couldn’t play golf he became good at bowls



hobbies:Golf and then Bowls, reading newspapers

favouriteColour:Navy Blue (French to be precise!)

favouriteAnimal:Dogs (first dog was a black lab called Roy)

favouriteFood:Mince and tatties



favouriteBook:War Stories



favouriteTypeOfMovieGenre:Comedy or any war films




Norman Molyneux's Memorial Stories

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Grandpa’s drink cabinet

My mum, Yvonne and her best friend, Helen, when their parents were out, thought it would be a good idea to go into Norman’s drinks cabine...

Dog walking

Everyone knew that my grandpa, Norman, absolutely loved dogs; his dogs, friends dogs, just any dogs that he came across. But one thing he...

Me and Grandpa

I miss grandpa a lot, and I also hide my emotions towards that a lot too. But as hard as it is not having him with us anymore. The one th...

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