24 October 1981 - 24 October 2021

David Keith Marsh was born on 24th October 1981 at St James hospital in Leeds to parents Kim and Rob. He was their second born child and had an older sister Sally who was 4yrs old at the time of his birth. Everyone was overjoyed at his arrival and Sally was a mother hen as soon as her new baby brother came home. His grandparents basil and Margaret were a big presence in his life and doted on him and his sister spending many weekends together as a family. David lived in Leeds with his family and soon grew into a very cheeky toddler always climbing and wanting to be outdoors. He gained the nick name bruiser as he was always falling and had the bruises to show for it. He loved the family pet a corgie dog called Kizzy and was always by her side. As David grew his passion turned to bikes and as soon as he was old enough he was bought his first trials bike which he went out on to various places each week with his dad. This passion continued throughout his life for motor cross and trials bikes which he loved all the way through his adult life going to various motor cross tracks around the country with his friends. He became a father at the age of 19 years old and was besotted and overwhelmed with his beautiful daughter Bethany Leigh who was born on 27th march 2002 she was the apple of her dads eye and he adored her from the moment she entered the world. He had a very proud moment of driving Beth to her her school prom and loved the fact he could buy her her first car once she had passed her test. David had a close circle of friends that he had had from school days and was known to all by the name of Sid which he adopted from his school days. His friends were a very important factor in his life and his chosen family, he referred to them as his brothers. David was a very sensitive soul and would do anything to help anyone out where he could in life. He was what you would class as a lovable rouge and was very well respected and thought of by everyone who knew him well. He was a devoted son, father, brother, uncle to Alfie and grandson




memorialLocation:Selby Cemetery


parents:Kim Marsh & Robert Marsh

siblings:Sally Marsh


children:Bethany Leigh Cullip


bestFriend:Many friends

education:Brayton High School

occupation:Ground Worker

religion:Non religion


languages:English & Yorkshire


hobbies:Motor cross, dog walking, being with friends and family




favouriteDrink:Anything alcoholic

favouriteSportsTeams:Leeds United football club

favouriteTVShow:Only fools and Horses

favouriteHolidayDestination:Anywhere hot



DAVID KEITH MARSH's Memorial Stories

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Bethany: A Father's Pride and Joy

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Sid and His Chosen Family

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Heart of Gold

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