Rashit Mehmet

22 July 1936 - 20 June 2021

Rashit, who grew up on a farm in Xerovounos, Cyprus, left for London in 1955 in pursuit of economic opportunity. There, he met and married Petroulla. They are survived by three children, 10 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. In the wake of Cyprus's partition in 1974, the UN Peacekeeping Force was called upon to protect the border town of Xerovounos, which was frequently attacked by Greek Cypriot forces in the dead of night. After his father passed away, Rashit took his mother to live in what is now named Yeşilrmak (Limnitis), where he would spend most of his later years residing. Rashit was a wise and kind man who was cherished by everybody who met him.

About Rashit Mehmet

birthLocation:Xerovounos, Cyprus

deathLocation:London, United Kingdom

memorialLocation:New Southgate Cemetery, London

parents:Mehmet & Saltana


spouse:Petroulla Mehmet

children:Victor, Robert, and Sylvia


ethnicity:Turkish Cypriot


languages:English, Greek & Turkish

hobbies:Gardening, Storytelling, Farming, History



Rashit Mehmet's Memorial Stories

Early Life in Xerovounos, Cyprus

In the year 1936, Rashit Mehmet was born in the mountaintop village of Xerovounos in Cyprus to two farmers, Mehmet and Sultan. Rashit was...

Rashit's Voyage: A Story of Struggle and Self-Discovery

The year was 1955 when Rashit Mehmet, in a bid to raise his standard of living, decided to uproot himself from his native land in Cyprus ...

The Storyteller: A Tale of Laughter and Generosity

No one could tell a story quite like Rashit Mehmet, lovingly known by his grandchildren as "Dede". He had an uncanny knack for keeping hi...

Dede Extraordinaire: A Heartwarming Legacy

Rashit Mehmet was not just a grandfather, he was an adventurer, a sage, a gourmet, a defender, and a pillar of unwavering support. Known ...

In The Sunset Years: The Latter Life of Rashit Mehmet

In his later years, Rashit Mehmet became a traveller divided between two worlds - the bustling streets of London and the tranquil fields ...


Today, my dad's given me the honour of reintroducing you all to Rashit Mehmet, better known to many of us as 'Dede'. Born 22nd July 1936...