Seamus Brendan McGovern

2 January 1972 - 19 January 2023

Seamus McGovern, a man who exemplified devotion, compassion, loyalty and friendship. He was a loving family man, a caring friend and dedicated coworker. His unforgettable presence touched the lives of all who had the pleasure to know him. Enjoy this memorial page made in his honour.

About Seamus Brendan McGovern

birthLocation:Blackburn, Lancashire

deathLocation:Blackburn, Lancashire

memorialLocation:Hollinshead Hall, Tockholes

hometown:Blackburn, Lancashire

nickname:Sham and Shambo


Seamus Brendan McGovern's Memorial Stories

The Costume Connoisseur: A Man with a Passion for Fancy Dress

Séamus had an unparalleled passion for fancy dress parties and brought joy to all who had the privilege of witnessing his unique and cre...

The legendary "Man Hug"

His "Man Hug" was a powerful embrace that could heal the deepest wounds and bring solace to troubled souls. Séamus had an innate gift of...