Jessie Alice Porter

12 April 1914 - 29 April 1999

Jessie Alice Porter was a devoted wife, cherished mother, and doting grandmother, whose love and care for her family made her the heart of her home. Through her unwavering commitment to her loved ones and her community, Jessie became an inspiration to everyone who knew her. As we remember Jessie, we celebrate her kindness, generosity, and the special memories that she created with her family and friends. A steadfast supporter of her husband, Alfred, and a guiding light for her children and grandchildren, Jessie's legacy is one of love, warmth, and dedication. Her passion for family, faith, and community will be fondly remembered, and her impact on the lives she touched will never be forgotten. Jessie Alice Porter's spirit will live on as a shining example of a life well-lived and a heart well-loved.

About Jessie Alice Porter

deathLocation:Barnet, England

memorialLocation:St Lawrence Church, Stanmore


spouse:Alfred Ernest Porter

children:Briand and Janet


education:Edgware School


religion:Church of England

hobbies:Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Hiking, Family Time



Jessie Alice Porter's Memorial Stories

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Gardening, Crafting, and Reading: Jessie's Cherished Hobbies

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The Gift of Time: Babysitting and Bonding with Grandchildren

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Lessons in Love and Respect: Jessie's Lasting Legacy

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