Alexander Geddes

21 August 1945 - 12 June 2020

Alexander Geddes (aka Sandy) was one of the funniest men to walk the earth. He was loved by so so many and was a very kind and special husband to Frances Geddes, a fun and loving father to his two sons, Paul Geddes and Steven Geddes. And he was an excellent, loving and caring grandad to his two grandchildren, Aimee and Daniel Geddes. Sandy always had a great sense of humour, and loving tendencies about him. You couldn’t help but laugh and smile in his company. He loved to do anything with his family and would love to take them to places to educate them on things he loved and also encourage them with their own talents and things they enjoyed to do. He was a very special man, who will always be remembered and missed by so many

About Alexander Geddes


deathLocation:Aberdeen hospital

memorialLocation:Sundial in his garden

hometown:Aberdeen, Northfield

parents:Harry and Jessie Geddes

siblings:John, Harry jr, David, Alan and Alastair


spouse:France’s Geddes

children:Paul and Steven geddes

grandChildren:Aimee and Daniel


bestFriend:Doug Clark

education:Northfield Academy and left after secondary school

occupation:House sales (Barrett’s), Insurance salesman, private detective

accomplishments:Poems published onto beer mats, became the grand master of the masons



hobbies:Model railway inhis be loft, antiques collector, classic cars, going to rallies & shows, aeroplanes


favouritePlant:His tomato plants and chives (he had a big greenhouse full of veg plants)

favouriteFood:Bobotie curry, rowies!!

favouriteDrink:Red wine

favouriteSportsTeams:Aberdeen football club

favouriteTVShow:The news…

favouriteBook:The day of Jackal


favouriteMusician:The beatles

favouriteHolidayDestination:Camp De Mar, Spain



Alexander Geddes's Memorial Stories


When tiktok got created, it was almost like it was made for grandad. He loved it. We watched ones and he chose so many that he wanted to ...

Bennachie climb

Grandad decided to take my dad and brother, Daniel up bennachie hill as a change from our local hill. He knew the way to go, no doubt mak...

Trip to France

On one of their many holidays, one included going to France, just grandma and grandad together. Considering they were going to France, gr...

Aberdeen Christmas market

Grandad and grandma took me out of one of my hospitals I was in, in the evening to the Aberdeen Christmas market… on two occasions! On th...

Christmas drink

To say the least, grandad liked his red wine on Christmas Day. I mean all my grandparents did. It was almost a tradition of who we needed...

Going out for a meal

Grandma and grandad occasionally went out for a meal together to a nice restaurant. But there was a problem. Grandma had to go earlier to...

Keeping me smiling through my darkest days

I really wish grandad didn’t have to see the downfall of me. Watching his granddaughter suffer and hate herself must be really hard. And ...

His classic car

Grandad fell in love with his yellow old fashioned car. It was very different to sit in, but every time I was at his house, you’d get to ...

Painting dedicated to you

I had a picture I always cherished of me and grandad. I was only a wee baby. Grandma loved the photo as well. And since I was 18, I was d...

Beach ballroom

My grandma told a story “Your grandad took me to the beach ballroom every Saturday night via the pub first! He loved that I changed the c...

Going to london

Grandma told me a story about “Going to London after we got married was quite a big deal but we had each other and made new friends. Your...

My poem to you

I recently learned you were good at poetry, after I started to get into it more and more and I love it. So this one, is dedicated to you ...