Harry and Alice Hopkins

28 October 1948 - 22 May 2017

A Love Story by Alice Hopkins Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a young girl lived in the country. She loved to ride her bike and play on a big tree swing. One day, she met a young man, whom she liked a lot. They were very young and dated a little while before deciding to marry. A recession had just ended and the war was won. People were poor, but surviving. The young couple didn't know how they were going to live or where, but they loved each other. The young man was very smart, so he bought some land and hoped to build a house.

About Harry and Alice Hopkins

birthLocation:Both were born in Alexandria Virginia

deathLocation:Both passed in Fredericksburg Virginia

memorialLocation:Laurel Hill Memorial

hometown:Locust Grove Virginia

parents:Harry: John Wesley and Mary; Alice: Charles and Alice Sisson

siblings:Alice: Bibbie, Hazel, Charlie, Earl, Leslie, Jerry

maritalStatus:Married nearly 69 years

children:Hoppy, Roy, Susie, Wesley, and Faye

grandChildren:Theresa, Sherry, Harry III, Fredy, Stevie, Kim, JW, Christina, and Wayne

hobbies:Love to Dance



Harry and Alice Hopkins's Memorial Stories

Their Wedding Story by Alice Hopkins

We did not date long. We wanted to get married sooner, but I had to have permission since I was only 15; Harry was 19. Mom and Dad made u...

The History of Harry by Alice Hopkins in Nov 2013

Harry H. Hopkins was born on October 16, 1928. He was born just off the RFP railroad near Fleet Dr. He was raised there until he was 5 ye...

The History of Alice by Alice Hopkins Nov 2013

Alice Edna Sisson Hopkins was born July 6, 1933. I was born at home, on the corner of Beulah Rd. and Hayfield Rd., which was Helm's store...

History of Harry and Alice by Alice Hopkins Nov 2013

Harry and I met in June of 1948 and married in October of 1948. We have five children, Harry Jr. (Hoppy), Roy, Susie, Wesley, and Faye. A...

Alice's Life by Alice Hopkins February 2022

The year was 1948 around May. I was 14 and in 7th grade at Franconia school. My best girlfriend was Georgie Powell. She lived by a countr...

Looking Back, But Going Forward by Alice Hopkins

My story begins on July 6, 1933. I was born the oldest of seven children. My parents were Charles M. Sisson and Camille Alice Thompson. I...

My Cat, Sweetheart (Name Questionable) by Alice Hopkins Sept 2019

My next rescue kitty was a multicolored (white, yellow, and black) female cat. She was at Weslo's Tire and Repair shop and I was afraid s...

Three Women and a Bathroom by Alice Hopkins

I am the Zookeeper. There are three women, ages 50, 65, and 87, living together and four animals, one large dog, one small dog, one large...

Alice's Final Writings in February 2022

Life has so many twists and turns that shape us to be who we are. I want to thank God for such a beautiful life, and for letting me live ...

Eulogy For Alice Hopkins by Sherry Hamilton

ALICE EDNA SISSON HOPKINS July 6, 1933 – February 24, 2022 Hello everyone. My name is Sherry. Susie’s daughter and the second oldest gra...

Eulogy for Harry Hopkins by Sherry Hamilton

Harry Herbert Hopkins Sr. Hello everyone. Wow, what a man we are here to honor today, right? What a great, long life we are here to cele...