Asia Diana Brown

26 April 1998 - 25 September 2022

Asia was such an amazing and special person. She was kind and so pretty. She had long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She would light up any room she was in. She took pride in her appearance and loved doing her makeup. Her favourite shop was Lush. She loved expensive perfume and she always smelled so good. She had such an amazing sense of humour, so quick witted and so funny. She was very intelligent and had a strong work ethic. She loved making money to buy the latest gadget, nice clothes, or to go somewhere nice to eat. She loved a Chinese. She also loved betting and had a lot of luck at winning. In lockdown Asia was told she wouldn't survive if she got covid. She caught covid twice and was fine. During the times we had to stay at home in lockdown, Asia spent her time making a group on facebook called Asia's Happy Club where she did raffles and games to make extra money. It got very popular with over 1K followers in the group. Through this raffle page Asia donated hundreds of pounds to help people who were in need of financial help and she also sent out food hampers to people who were struggling. She had a heart of gold. She always looked after her family, friends and boyfriend who she had been going out with since she was 13yrs old. She would want us all to be living our best lives until we meet again, beautiful Asia. We are lost and broken and our lives will never be the same again. Hopefully in the future cancer will become a thing of the past. Asia's presence may be gone but her love remains strong and her memory lives on until we meet again 💞

About Asia Diana Brown

birthLocation:Bury hospital



siblings:1 Sister 1 half brother

favouriteColour:Pink/ blue

favouriteAnimal:Cats and dogs

favouriteFlower:Daffodils/ Roses

favouriteDrink:Dr. Pepper

favouriteTVShow:Vampire Diaries